Get a Mural

“I love it!  Oh, this makes me so happy.  I’m going to love sitting out on my patio with this mural here.”

– one very happy customer


Blurb about murals.  Murals, murals, murals!  Murals are great.  The end.

Some examples…

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Murals typically start at $350 for a relatively simple three-color design on a 5′ by 7′ wall.  The price varies but typically the larger a space, and the more complex the design, the greater the investment on the client’s part.  I can do work all over Arizona but anything beyond the Tucson city limits will necesitate a travel fee. 

See the process!

Meeting and sketch

First, I meet with the client, measure the wall to be painted on, and give them an estimate.  I will do some initial sketching at this meeting, and then send along a finished sketch and color study a few days to a week later.

Prime and grid

When I come back, I clean the wall and start with a layer of primer.  Then I make a grid on the wall so I can transfer the drawing proportionately, sketching out the mural’s design with chalk or paint.

Start the paint party!

Next I start to paint!  I typically lay down big blocks of solid color, then go in with shadows and highlights.

Painting continues...

Then I add more paint, making sure I have good coverage, and I start adding details and lines.

Finishing touches!

Almost done!  I add a few details and clean things up.

Seal the deal

If the mural will be exposed to the elements, I often add a sealant on top. (If it’s indoors this isn’t as crucial)

And then I’m done!  And the client gets to enjoy their new beautiful wall.

The possibilities are endless…

• Get a favorite quote or family motto lettered above your doorway

• Get a freestanding panel of some festive design as a holiday decoration that you can use year after year (Santa?  Reindeer?  Easter bunny?)

• Get a big, colorful piece on an outside wall that faces the street – no one will ever lose their way to your house again!  “It’s the one on 9th Street with the big mermaid mural in front!”

• Have an optical illusion (trompe l’oeil) fake door or window painted on a wall – it could be a door to a magical land!

• If you can dream it, I can do it!

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