About the Artist

So just who’s doing all this, anyway?

My name is Whitney Morton Woodcock, and I am an artist, graphic designer, web designer, photographer, actress, director, mom, and general multi-hyphenate.

I was born in San Diego, California, where I used to frolic happily through Balboa Park, watch my cat Jordan watching birds out our window, and draw tons of pictures of waterfalls (when you grow up in a desert, waterfalls are SUPER fascinating!).  When I was nine we moved to Tucson, Arizona, where my border collie, Gizmo, and I used to wade in our swimming pool and chase rabbits in the backyard.  Even back then I found the desert colors inspiring, as well as the Mexican folk art and Dia de los Muertos imagery that trickled across the border.

I got my BFA in Illustration at the Ringling College of Art and Design, in Sarasota, Florida, which is where I developed my artistic sensibility and styles, and is also where I adopted a “senior” shelter dog, Max the Brussels Griffon (the “Maxfield” in Maxfield and Madison).  I also studied photography, graphic design, and taught myself sculpting with clay, fabric arts, and various other art forms…if you can name any type of visual or performing art, I’ve probably at least dabbled in it at one time or another.

Currently, I live in Tucson with my husband Brian, our son Stephen, our dog Scotty, and one grown stepson Chris.  When I’m not doing art, I am involved in local theatre, I read a lot, I experiment with cooking weird things, I go for runs while listening to “Hamilton,” and occasionally people ask me to exhibit my art at places like Pima County Public Library, Pima Community College, Old Town Artisans, Maker House, Cox Communications, Borderlands Brewing Company, and Bentley’s Coffee and Tea; or to sell my pieces at art festivals in places like El Conquistador Resort, Monterey Court Galleries, Tucson Metal Arts Village, or the Gaslight Theater.  One thing I do not do often enough, according to Scotty, is feed him bacon.  Sorry pup, nobody’s perfect.


Why Maxfield & Madison?

The company is named after the two dogs I had at the time I started doing pet portraits, Max (or Maxfield, after Maxfield Parrish), and Madison (Maddie for short).

Max, as mentioned, was a Brussels Griffon I adopted from a shelter when I was in college, and he passed away in 2013. He was known and loved by many, from kids at the beach in Sarasota who would squeal “puppy!” at 8-year-old Max; to his mom’s friends, especially Megan, who would feed him carrots.

Maddie was a corgi, and she came with my husband.  She passed away in 2018, at the venerable age of 15.  She was a little lady who did not aspire to be one of the Queen’s corgis, she aspired to BE the Queen, and she succeeded. Maddie had a happy life, enjoying sleeping in comfy places, getting her hair everywhere, and hectoring her brother Scotty.