Yes, I might have just lost my tiny little mind…because I agreed to do an art festival next Saturday.  And yes, my son is only just about to be 7 months old this week.  Yeah…I might be crazy.

Back on the show train…
But!  It’s a new show, I think this is their first one, and I’m getting in on the ground floor of it, so it’s super exciting.  It’s called Off 22nd, it’s a home/yard show, and it’s looking like it’s going to be really cool.  They plan to do more, maybe partnering with local businesses to have art shows in front of coffee shops and places like that…so this could be the start of something great!
The usual show prep insanity is a little different with a baby…

…which means it pretty much takes place during his naps. šŸ˜› Fortunately those are still pretty frequent (he’s taking one right now in his stroller!  The excitement of walking around and Mom taking pictures of palo verde knocked him out).  I got to make a couple new pieces for this show (the show organizer mentioned liking my painted boxes, so I made some more of those), but not as many as I normally would have back in the old days B.B. (before baby).  I’m sure this will change again in a couple years A.P. (after preschool).

I debated about whether to take the baby to the show with me…but I would have still needed someone else to come help me with him if he got bored and cranky.  And then there was the problem of fitting the show stuff AND baby stuff in the car…something I might just not be able to do.  So he’s staying home.  Fortunately it’s a one-day show for six hours, so I won’t be away for too long.
Here are the new boxes I’m bringing…
Rainbow mandala box

red “double happiness” box
As much as I would have liked to have time to make more, I’m just glad I managed to get these done, honestly!
I still have to decide on what else I’m bringing, pack everything up, buy a folding chair and a cash bag (I gave my other one to my mom’s business), maybe buy another smaller folding table, a receipt book, hope that my new Square reader comes in time…still lots more to do.  But it’ll be exciting!