One of the things I forgot to mention during my late-pregnancy scramble last year: I joined another print site!  It’s Boom Boom Prints, and here is my store on there.  It’s more geared towards families and kids, so in addition to t-shirts, shower curtains, tote bags, etc. like on Society6, they also have onesies, maternity t-shirts, lunch bags…they even have dog clothing.

You can get a purple cow onesie!  Isn’t that kind of the thing that’s always been missing from your life?
You could even, theoretically, get a portrait of your dog ON a dog shirt, and they can wear their own likeness, if you were so inclined!
I’ve been trying out a new style, which I’ll be rolling out onto Boom Boom Prints first, since it seems to fit there better…
Here’s an example:
It’s simple, but it looks really cool on t-shirts, bags, etc.!
I did this in the same way I did my “digital watercolors“/Eric Carle-esque pieces, putting the piece together with flat colors in Illustrator, and then bringing it into Photoshop to add the watercolor texture.  It’s fun, it lets me play with colors, and I can do this kind of art with a baby sitting on my lap and watching me do it!  It’s a win-win.
I have a St. Patrick’s Day one that I’ll be putting up on Boom Boom soon…the one problem with this site (and Society6) is that you have to make a different-sized image for each product you offer (shirts are one size, prints are another, duvet covers are another, pillows are another, etc.) so you have to paste your painting into like 20 different jpgs and pngs of different sizes.  So it takes a bit of time…but fortunately resizing the image is also something I can do while the baby “helps”!  
But I love the stuff that Boom Boom offers, the variety of products, and the general aesthetic of it.  So I’ll be working on bringing more of my pieces over there, and putting the pieces I already have there on more products.  
In the meantime, don’t you think this makeup case would be a cool Valentine’s Day gift?
It’s not a hint, really it’s not!