So I have a babysitter today, and it feels really weird to not have to worry about the baby while I’m writing this…normally he’d be in a carrier attached to me, or napping off to the side while I work on the computer, and I’d always have one eye on him.  But now, no worries!  Weird.  And yet, awesome.  And yet…still a little stressful, because I feel like I have to make the most of this time that I have.  Ah, the life of a WAHM (work-at-home mom).

The only ones in the studio now are me and the 12th Doctor.

But I’m afraid this will still be a baby-related post, since now I have to show you…The Baby Room.

Here’s Stephen’s room…
Spot the baby in this photo!
It’s come so far…here’s what it looked like before we started sprucing it up:
I’m about 26 weeks along here.
We had been using the room as a dumping ground since we moved in…for random storage and also “here’s all the crap that has to go to Goodwill.”  It was also the same ecru color as the rest of the house at the time…it’s a nice color, but I thought the baby room needed something more special.
So we painted it green…with a mural!

Some progress shots…

I knew I wanted to have a green nursery from the start, and I was going to do a foresty/jungle theme regardless of the gender of the baby.  In fact, there’s pretty much nothing in this room that I wouldn’t have also put in a girl’s room…except the girl’s room would maybe also have a cool Rey from Star Wars mural like this one.

However, we do have a Wookiee!

This part my husband painted.  Isn’t it fantastic?  He drew an Ewok too that we might add in later…and he drew a Death Star on the ceiling.  I feel like I want to add in the USS Enterprise, y’know, for balance. 🙂

I had to throw a Tardis into the mural, though…

 He also has dinosaurs, and a quetzal bird (which have always been very special to me, since my trip to Panama/Ecuador…plus, they’re just the coolest looking birds around).  We might add more later, maybe as he gets interested in more things and he puts in requests for who he wants to have on his wall.  That’s the benefit of the way this mural is set up, we can always just paint some more characters in there, hanging out in trees or hiding behind bushes or wherever.
This is a name tag they made him in the NICU, which I love. 🙂 So that’s on his door.  And of course I also had to frame his name watercolor I made, and put that up…I need to get and/or make some more pieces for that wall!  Then at some point, maybe put up cork tiles and pin his artwork up there, as he starts making things.

I’ve had this mirror for years, and I figured it should go in the baby room.  It’s out of reach (for now!) so he doesn’t pull the little fruits and vegetables off.  On the other side is this print…I love this artist, Laurie Manzano, she’s amazing at capturing Arizona life.  This print is totally the kind of thing I would do when I was a kid…just go out into our big desert-y backyard and check out bugs. (And get cactus in my ankles, and turn rocks over with sticks to find scorpions…man, there’s a lot of things I’ll have to teach Stephen about living in the desert.)

And that play mat almost warrants its own post…I’ll have to make a post of “baby gear that has saved my life/sanity.”  Maybe even a roundup of mom blogs, podcasts, and specific articles that saved my sanity, of which there are also many.  These will come soon…I really am going to try to get on a regular posting schedule, guys!  If not every week, then maybe every other week.  Hey, if Serial can do it, I can too!