Hi guys.  Well, I’m still pregnant (over halfway through now!), it’s still hot as Satan’s you-know-what here, so I’m taking lots of naps and I’m not being very productive.  But, on the upside, monsoons will be starting soon…

It’s just teasing us now.
Oh, and this weekend, I actually picked up some paints for the first time in way too long! (the progress picture goes under the cut, because, well, it’s in progress and as such it’s kind of unsightly…)

I know, it looks like a drug trip. 😛 The blue is meant to be highlights eventually, and will be a lot lighter in the final.  The only things that are mostly done are the eyes and background.  A teacher once told me that if you get stuck on a painting, just pick one area (like eyes) and, he said, “render the shit out of it.”  So then you can see the level the rest of the piece will eventually be like, and use it as a guideline and/or as inspiration.
Other things I’ve been doing lately…
– Working part-time at a place I’d worked before, helping them get their online sales going, among other things.
– The usual freelancing and trying to maintain my art business in some meaningful way…sadly, I don’t think I will have any more craft fairs pre-baby, but Etsy, Pixels, and Society6 are still up and running!
– Reviewing books (mostly children’s and young adult books) for Portland Book Review.  A friend of mine runs that company now, and she asked me to be a reviewer.  SO fun for a book nerd like me!  Plus, I get free books, more than I could possibly have space for…but at least when Mini-Me emerges he’ll have quite the library.
– Oh, and another thing I did was find out that IT’S A BOY!  Very exciting.  My stepson is stoked to be a cool older brother. 🙂
– Getting stuff fixed around our house.  Mainly, all our electricity started acting like it was possessed this past weekend.  The TV turned off and on, so did the desktop computer (thank goodness for laptops with surge protectors), so did the internet, the microwave was not heating anything up…so yeah, we had several different repair people coming in and out this week.  In the end, it was a busted ground wire, so the electric company fixed it for free.  Nice, eh?
– Taking pictures of my dogs doing weird things…
I can’t explain this picture, or why Madison thought it would be a good idea to wedge her butt into a shelf.  At least she wasn’t stuck.
– Cleaning out the studio!  I’ve found storage space for most of my art supplies and stuff now, storage space that’s not “leave it in the box we moved it in”…a huge triumph.  We even have a couch in here now!  Which just means that in between cleaning I can now take naps IN the studio. 😛

Scotty loves the futon too.  Maybe because it camouflages him, so he can take sneaky naps, like a ninja.
–  Cleaning out the soon-to-be baby room!  We had previously been storing a bunch of junk in there, so we made a couple big Goodwill runs.  Now I’m organizing my son’s already huge wardrobe…what can I say, he has lots of family just waiting to spoil him already!  And then, once the cleaning is done, hopefully by the end of this month?  PAINTING.  Yesssss!
– Eating frozen custards, since my workplace is close to a Culver’s.  It’s awesome. (okay, that’s weird…I saved this post, went to another site, and immediately got a Culver’s banner ad.  That’s just creepy, Blogger!  Stop tracking me!  I don’t need ads to remind me to get frozen custards, I do it anyway.)
– Eating the requisite Weird Pregnant Lady Food(tm).  Mostly, this just means putting hot sauce on everything. (or, for sweet things, putting jam on everything, including ice cream and waffles.) We went on a trip to a friend’s wedding in North Dakota last month, and they just don’t do spicy food as much as we do in Arizona…I got way too excited when our hotel had Tabasco out at breakfast.
I even mix hot sauce with cream cheese on my bagels now.  This is actually really tasty!  This baby is apparently going to be a spicy food fanatic.  Or he will breathe fire.

– And of course, outgrowing all my pants.  On the upside, maternity pants are SO comfortable!  How come no one told me this before?  How come women don’t wear these ALL THE TIME, regardless of pregnancy status?  You can have jeans that don’t cut into your flesh, while at the same time they cover up your shirt-pants gap?  Man, pregnant women get all the good stuff!
What I plan to do in the coming months?  More of the same.  Plus hopefully more painting, and damn, I owe you guys an Etsy update…there will be good stuff on there, as soon as I photograph it and post it.
And, as always, more pictures of my dogs being the weirdos that they are.
I also cannot fully explain this picture.  Scotty was in the middle of eating grass and I just took this at the appropriate moment.  Or he’s insane.