You know what’s the best thing about March/April?  Well, besides palo verde trees being in bloom.  And all the other flowers.  And besides slightly warmer weather but not too hot yet.  And besides Cadbury eggs.  Okay, so…it’s one on a very long list of good things about this time of year.

You get to PLANT STUFF!

I got some mini pots of herbs at Lowe’s a couple weeks ago while picking up some other things for around the house…about $3 each, but they’ve already grown a lot, so I predict I’ll get a great return on that investment.

More pics and some other plants…


I had to get basil, of course.  It already smells SO GOOD and I’m excited for pesto.  Got an oregano too, which I hadn’t grown in quite a few years.  Fresh oregano is always better!  There will probably also be spaghetti sauce in our future, especially since…

…we also have a tomato plant.  (that’s Scotty and his sheep in the background.  Scotty doesn’t care about herbs, he only eats our lawn, because he’s a weirdo.)

Here’s the sad mint plant…before I was able to transplant it into this pot, it apparently decided that its water needs weren’t being met, and it started to get really droopy.  Had to water it extra to nurse it back to life, and now?

Happy mint!
Also got one more indoor plant…
I love jade plants…you barely have to do anything with them, and they will continue to sit there and look pretty, essentially forever. (Just don’t expose them to too much sun, at least not in Arizona, as I learned the hard way with my last jade plant.) Also, the one plant can make more of itself, if you break off a leaf and plant it (or wrap it in a damp paper towel for a few days, wait for it to grow roots, and then plant it? Haven’t done this, so not really sure).  Some other succulents, I haven’t had much success with, and I don’t know why…but jade plants are pretty reliable.
Since our house came already pre-landscaped (and really beautifully done, too), there’s not actually a lot more I can plant in the yard…it’s mostly maintenance right now.  And that’s fine, although I do sometimes have the urge to add in some more shrubs, or to take out some existing ones and maybe use some of our planting bed space for vegetables or something.  Maybe someday.  But for now, little container gardens are where it’s at.