Guess where I’m writing this from today?

It’s our patio!  We’re fortunate in this house to have a big shaded patio area – our old house had almost no shade in the yard, so during a lot of the year it was just too hot to be out there for very long.  But this patio is perfect for taking my work outdoors, especially this time of year!  We have this futon on the patio, so Scotty and I can sit out here, I can work on my design assignments, and he can come up here to take breaks from running around on the lawn with a toy sheep.
Plus, you can’t beat these views…

I know, a lawn in the desert, so wasteful, etc…but it provides the dogs with their fiber and vitamins.  Seriously.  It’s their salad bar.

I really should just do all my work out here…it makes it way more fun.  Maybe even bring my painting stuff out here!  I used to paint alfresco a lot in college, and it was always fun to get out of the studio and into the fresh air for a while.  Plus sometimes if you’re painting in public places you strike up a lot of interesting conversations.  I also sometimes got kids coming over and oohing and ahhing over my paintings, which was encouraging. 🙂
Digital art is a bit more portable, in terms of taking it into the outside world to work on. (And less messy!) Maybe I’ll come out here and work on some more digital pieces like the Easter eggs…plus, you have your color palette inspiration right here!
I love the colors of these lantana…maybe they should be my next piece.
As I have mentioned before, a change of scenery is always good for jump-starting the inspiration, no matter what scenery you change to.  Somehow, just being somewhere different from your usual work environment just makes your brain waves start doing different things.  I’m sure that’s a thing proven by science somehow…
Even if it’s not, I’ll probably keep coming out to the patio until it’s too hot to do so.  Which might be sooner than I’d like, because it’s Tucson, but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.