In the process of moving, everything kinda gets turned upside down…and yes, we are still in “the process” even after almost three months.  I finally got us another bookshelf so we can contain our book collection that somehow multiplied, like they’re Gremlins or something, but there are still boxes of books, boxes of things to hang on the wall, boxes of things I’ll need for taxes all too soon…there are still a lot of boxes, let’s just say that.

This one is Scotty’s watchtower for some reason.

 But I’ve found a way to sort of carve out little oases in the chaos…

…by building, well, “vignettes” I guess you’d call it?  “Tableaux”?  Places where I’ve cleaned off some of the detritus (and found places to put away the detritus, hopefully), and arranged some objects in what is hopefully a stylish manner.

Like this, by the front door…we needed a key drop zone, so I found this olive wood bowl at Home Goods (for $5!) and plunked that down there with a couple of vases. (The right one has peacock feathers in it that are from a real peacock.  One of my previous workplaces used to have a feral peacock…it’s a long story…)
This is also near the door.  I love fake plants…and those are my wedding flowers in the green vase on top of the table.  I kinda not-that-successfully hid the Playstation and various controllers on the lower level of the table.
This is from a brief period where I cleaned off my desk…before I started painting things and inevitably got it messed up again.  The fake ferns were on sale at Target, and the coffee canister is from the best restaurant in Florida (I miss that place).  Plus my “Bless and Release” print on the windowsill behind that. 

This is my favorite…it’s in our bathroom, where I stuck some creosote branches in a vase.  Creosote can live up to seven years without water (!), so they’re still going strong a month later, still got green on’ em and everything.  Plus the humidity in the bathroom makes them release their scent, which for any Arizonans smells just like monsoon season.  Ahh…bliss.

Our hall bathroom has no particular decor in it yet, but it does have this…

Yes, we are very crass in our household…we had this on the bathroom door in our other place too.  It’s a print of an old WWII poster we got in Ireland.  Makes it easy to tell people where the bathroom is… “Just go down the hall and look for the gas mask on the right!”
I also came across this at a thrift store and decided it should be wall art in our bathroom:
Bathrooms are tricky because you don’t want to have paper in there, even if it’s under glass…the humidity in there would make it curl and generally mess up the piece. (No watercolors in the bathroom!  Ever!) This was printed on metal, so I figured it would work okay.  Kinda goes well with the bathroom, and there was already a nail in the wall there, so it was just crying out for something to hang there.
So, although there are still parts of the house that look a mess (many, many parts), I’m glad that there are at least a few places where I can rest my eyes on something aesthetically pleasing, at least for a short while.  That’s important to me.