Hello!  How’s everyone enjoying this winter so far?  Arizonans, how are you liking all this rain we’re having?  I love rain…even when I lived in rainier places, I still loved it, even if it was almost every day.  It was raining Wednesday morning when I woke up, and I just wanted to lie in bed all day, listen to the rain, drink tea and cocoa, and read…darn responsibilities preventing me from doing that.

Everyone ready for the holidays?  We have our tree up, some lights in the window, I’ve been wrapping presents, and I’m sending out holiday cards which, of course, I drew…after the holidays and once everyone’s gotten theirs, I’ll post it.
Also have one last holiday craft show tomorrow, and a couple new pieces for it…you’ll want to see these.

I had a couple more wood boxes around, and I knew I wanted to paint them, so I worked on that on Wednesday, so I’d know they’d be all finished, sealed, and dry by the time of the craft fair on Saturday.

These are the two new ones I made.  Kinda cute, huh?  I will definitely be making more of these, because they’re just fun.  You get a bit more surface area to work with than the painted stones, so you can put more details in.
With this one I wrapped the design around the box, too…
I like it.  I’m a fan of grey in general…it goes with everything, and it adds some elegance to your surroundings.
The green one also has leaves on two sides, as well as the vaguely Celtic knot motif on the top.  Both are just painted solid colors inside, although with my next ones I might play with designs on the inside too, who knows?  There’s a lot of possibilities for these little boxes…and you can get the plain wood boxes (and other wood things) fairly inexpensively at Michael’s.  I love that aisle of unfinished wood things…so much potential!
And where will these be?  At the Maker House Last Minute Holiday Gift Show, 11 AM – 5 PM! It’s tomorrow…so seriously, if you need any last-minute gifts, even if it’s just for yourself, this is the place.