Sometimes you’ll come across these “[blank]-a-day for a month” challenges on blogs or social media…I’ve tried to do a couple of them in the past, but when you’re not posting the results you’re not really accountable to anyone, you know?  So I never finished the couple I’d tried before.

But then I saw this on Twitter…

…and it linked to this, and I thought, why not?  I’ll play it this month!

Taking a photo every day really does open your eyes to your surroundings…and having a theme every day was inspiring most days, although some days very challenging (what the heck can I photograph that’s “whole”?  That encompasses just about everything!).  Here’s the first half of my month…

Day 1: something blue

 Just the sky.  I went pretty basic on this one…

Day 2: I saw this!

Gargoyles!  I love these sculptures…I would get one for the house but it would scare my stepson. πŸ˜‰

Day 3: weather

Around late October/early November it was finally starting to get cold enough that we had to sleep with a blanket, instead of just sheets…that’s a favorite moment for me during the year, the moment when I get to bust out the quilts!  Got this one at Target a few years ago.  It’s very chipper.  Scotty likes it too.

Day 4: can’t live without

Sleep. πŸ˜› Lame, yet true.

Day 5: 8 o’clock

The curtains in my stepson’s room looked really cool at 8 in the morning…and that’s his Groot figurine lurking behind the curtain.

Day 6: made me smile today

We had just closed on our new house two days previously, got the keys this very day…and it was my birthday! (I got a house for my birthday, heh.) So after picking up the keys, I got myself some celebratory croissant-donuts and iced coffee and had breakfast for the first time on our new house’s patio. 

Day 7: on the floor
Madison’s under-bed hidey hole.  I don’t know what it is with dogs liking small, enclosed spaces…is it a cave/den thing?  Max used to sit in shelves, Scotty likes to burrow under covers…dogs are weird.
Day 8: a place

Tucson is my place. (I was petsitting for someone who lived up in the foothills, and they had this beautiful view from their driveway…I love going up there.)

Day 9: heck yes!

Shallow, but I felt like “heck yes!” after someone at the Open Studio Tour asked me, “so you go to the U of A, right?”  Being mistaken for a college student when I’m almost 30…heck yes for good genes. πŸ™‚ (Okay, it was probably also the pink hair.  Still!  Genes!)

Day 10: I do this every day

Drinking coffee at the computer.  Wow, a lot of these photos involve coffee…

Day 11: set

On the 11th, we were moving things into our new house all day…we were very excited to be able to utilize the built-in wineglass rack in the kitchen and set all that up. 

Day 12: normal
Kid and dogs…even in the midst of moving chaos, some things never change.
Day 13: letters

As I was cleaning stuff out to move, I found this sign I had painted for the production of The Laramie Project I directed in 2007. (I feel like every time I direct a play, I end up bringing home one of the props to decorate my house with.)  I had lots of fun making this…now I need to find somewhere to display it in the new house!

Day 14: for me
See what I mean about the coffee?  It was appropriate for this day, though, because I’d just set up the coffeemaker in the new house, and I’m really the only one who uses it, so it made the house feel more like home to me.
Day 15: hot & cold

Talking about temperament here…this cat I was petsitting was often hot and cold with me! (He was nice, he just liked to play with my hair and keys…and then snag his claws in them so I couldn’t escape.)

A couple days I did sketches in Brushes that went along with the theme…here’s one for “hot and cold,” although this time I went with colors, not temperament:

I almost feel like this should be a study for an actual painting at some point down the line…we shall see.

I’ve been getting back into Brushes lately…I might even do a monthly challenge of Brushes doodles, and invite other artists to participate with me, how about that?
At the end of the month I’ll post the rest of my photos from this project…it’s been fun so far, though.  Will I do it every month?  Probably not, but maybe I’ll do it again at some point.