Y’all, I am abjectly apologetic about the lack of…stuff I’ve been putting out.  I know, it’s only been a week or so, but it has been CRAY-ZEE.  Here, have a cow:

Cow watercolor in its unfinished state…I finished it last week but haven’t had time to snap pics because I’ve been busy, well, having cows.

In case you care for the story, read on…

So apparently it’s kinda hard to close on a house, AND plan a big overseas trip, both at the same time.  Oh, and also work on a play.  I have done these things separately before, but not all three at once.  And have your roof patched.  And keep your house clean and reasonably feed two and sometimes three people.  Yeah…

When I bought my first house it wasn’t as complicated as it is this time…in part because it was just me buying that house, and this time it’s my husband and I both who have to provide our financial information, tax returns, bank statements, prove our income, etc.  And as a freelancer/part-timer at a couple different places/small business, my income is, er, non-traditional.  To say the least. 😛 Which makes it even harder to cull together all your various income sources and explain them to the nice mortgage people. (And think of how much fun I have at tax time!)
Plus they seem to require more information and explanations for everything this time than they did three years ago when I bought my first house.  I’m just waiting for my bank to call up and ask for a map of my genome, seriously…
But it’ll be worthwhile, because around late November or early December, we’ll be all moved in and it’ll be over with.  And then you’ll have to put up with a bunch of posts about paint color and yard art!  It’ll be fun.
Painting my first house’s bathroom…the color-choosing process was overly thought out and involved color theory.  So you have that to look forward to!  There might even be mood boards.
Plus I’m going on my honeymoon.  So there’s that.  It’ll be lovely, but there has been so much preparation this week, it’s been exhausting.  I predict that as soon as I get onto the plane I’ll just pass out from relief that it’s finally happening. (At least I hope, ’cause it’s a red-eye flight to another continent, so I’ll really need my sleep!) Obviously I’m not going to give out too many details, because this IS the internet, but may it be known that my house will be looked after and occasionally guarded by a small, vicious dog.
Oscar is totally vicious!  Why does no one believe me when I say that?
But in late October/early November, the blog will be BACK, baby!  Inspired Mondays will restart around that time as well, and I will sincerely try to post more.  I have a couple posts planned out that I think you guys will like…but you can be the judge of that when I return.
And while I’m gone, don’t try anything funny.  Seriously, Oscar will cut you.  Look at that picture of him up there.  He totally means business.