Hi.  If you’ve noticed the lack of posts on here lately, and noticed that there wasn’t really an Inspired Monday this morning, well…you’re right.  I haven’t felt inspired AT ALL this past week, because I’ve had one of those annoying late-summer colds, and only today am I beginning to feel like myself again.

I can’t say I was “sick as a dog” because my dogs are actually really healthy!
I brought that upon myself, too…even though I was sick, I kept running around and pushing myself to get stuff done, which probably made it worse.  But I had to!  It was a big week!

Most importantly…my husband and I are buying a house.  We’re moving closer to his work, and into a slightly larger house.  Sadly I will no longer have an art shack, but I will have a whole art room that’s about twice as big as the shack!  Plus an awesome backyard, more storage space, a newer house (although our current one was built in 1944, so just about ANYTHING would be newer), more bedrooms, more bathrooms (although again – current house only has one, so having two feels luxurious).  And pomegranates.

Our new house has a pomegranate tree.  The realtor let us take one during our home inspection.  I almost want to make a painting of this photograph now…
There’s a bunch of stuff to do when you buy a house, though…you have to have it inspected, do all this paperwork for your mortgage to prove that you have some semblance of money, or at least enough to afford this house, communicate with the seller through your realtor about the price and what your needs are, and of course, do something about your current home.  Thankfully we aren’t selling ours, otherwise I would be extremely crazy right now.  We are renting it out, though, so if anyone wants to move to Tucson and rent a nice midtown home, call me!
We haven’t even started moving yet.  That’s a whole other can of worms.  We’re also closing on the house shortly after getting back from our honeymoon.  So…yeah, everything in between now and December is pretty much BusyTown, USA.  Whee!
I had planned on squeezing in some time for painting last week, although then, well, I got sick.  Maybe this week I will.  At the very least, I want to get some practicing in before November, because in November I’ll be participating in an open studio tour, and I don’t want to be out of practice and have to sit there painting badly while everyone watches.  So maybe watercolors will happen this week, who knows.  Once things settle down, lots more paintings will happen, I promise.