Well, it’s most definitely September now…for most of you, that means the leaves are changing and it’s starting to get a little nippy at night.  Not here. 

Is this what you’d call the dog days?  Well, they’re not over yet.

It’s still way too hot to officially be fall yet here…and yet, Arizonans are still sad to bid goodbye to summer, simply because now we have to give up on monsoon season.  Sure, we might have a few autumnal rains, but the torrential downpours that turn our streets into rivers are probably not coming back.  It’s kinda sad for us.

However, I’m celebrating one of the prettier side effects of monsoon season in this Inspired Monday…because we’re talking about STORM SUNSETS!

This is the real thing.  Do not attempt to adjust your monitor.
You can just tell when there’s going to be a beautiful sunset, based on how the clouds have been looking in the hour or two prior…
…and you are rarely disappointed.
Yes, these are the real colors.
It’s not an Instagram filter, seriously!
I really want to paint some of these sunsets…but they’re so outstanding and so unusual, no one would believe the painting.  I mean, look at this one above.  If it was a painting people would be like, “yeah right, no way that cloud had LAVENDER BACK-LIGHTING, you hack.”  But it’s true!
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