Okay guys, this weekend will be my biggest craft show yet!  In fact, shortly after I post this I’ll be heading up there to pre-set things.  This is very exciting for me…I’ve spent all week preparing, packing things up, getting last-minute supplies…and making a couple new things.

Coming soon to an Etsy near you…if they don’t sell at the art fair.

And not just new stones, either…
…I also made this:

It’s a box!  A pretty small one…no more than 4 inches across, but it can hold little pieces of jewelry, spare change, perfume vials (attention Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab fans: it’s an imp box!), paper clips, or other little doohickeys, and can live on your bedside table, desk, vanity, or anywhere.

I kinda love these…not to toot my own horn, but it’s pretty cute.  I’ll see what the response is to the box at the festival (yay, market research!), see if it sells, and I’ll probably make some more if it does well.  Or even if it doesn’t do well.  I have a couple more unfinished wood boxes, after all.

Scotty helped me photograph the box and my new stones.  He’s a good assistant.  🙂

Also this week, I hung my exhibition at the Watercolor Guild

…which is such a lovely gallery, and such a nice group of people!  I’m kicking myself for not realizing sooner that this gallery existed, it’s so awesome.  It looks like there’s a lot of other really great art there at the moment, too…and our opening reception is tonight, so I’ll get to see it all then.  It’s open Tuesday – Saturday, 11 AM – 4 PM, so you should go see it too!  They also just opened a gift shop, which I’m going to have way too much fun browsing through tonight…there’s jewelry, glass art, looked like some hand-dyed pillows were there when I was setting up my paintings…good stuff.
So I’m going almost directly from setting up for the art festival over to my reception at the gallery, maybe with a stop at home to change clothes if I have time.  Busy weekend!  Plus, after the art show is finished on Sunday, I’m going to a going-away party for a friend I’ve known since basically elementary school…so yeah, super-busy weekend, but how could you not go to a friend’s going-away party, right?  And then…I will rest.  For about a day, and then it’s back to painting stones to replenish my supply, filing taxes from the show, and day job stuff.  So really not much rest at all.  But it’s very exciting anyway.  Wouldn’t trade it for anything.