Well, I said they were coming…and now they’re here!

Painted stones…that you can wear.  Booyah.  And now they’re on Etsy too!

These were fun to make.  They were stones I had that were, honestly, a little too small to be magnets…but I thought, “hmm, maybe they should be pendants.”  So I went to a bead store in town, bought some silver pendant bails, some chains and cords, and here they are!

The pendant bails are actually epoxied on…it seems to work really well.  I’ve worn this one a couple times and it’s none the worse for wear.  Although with all of my painted stones, I have to advise that people not get them wet – light rain is okay, a shower or swimming probably is not.
I mean, come on, I use a good sealant but I’m not Superman.

I like the leather cords, they’ve held up a lot better than the rubber cords I’ve gotten with a few pendants.  These are flexible and they wear well.  The silver chains class them up a bit, but whichever you prefer, you can order either cords or chains on my Etsy store to go with them.  Pretty soon I’m going to start making chains out of colored seed beads, and offer those as well…I think that would look pretty fabulous.
There’s a couple other new items in my Etsy store today too.  I finally got around to listing my greeting cards on there (I’ll be making up more sets with different designs, in advance of this fall’s art shows).  There are even signed prints!  These ones are mini-prints, which are almost more fun than regular prints, and you can put them in cute little frames, or have them on your desktop, or display three of them in a grouping.
So yes…some busy-ness yesterday.  Today will be similar – working on pet portraits and prepping some more painted stones to sell (which basically just means spraying sealer on them).  Plus some less fun things like accounting, but hey, those things enable me to do the fun stuff.