Today, I am writing this not from my studio at home, but from a coffee shop.  In the world of a work-from-homer, this is a very exciting thing, getting to work outside of your usual home office.  I call these my coffeeshop-as-office days.

This is inspiring me today, even though I’m not actually doing art here, just getting administrative tasks done…even so, being in different settings makes this a heck of a lot more fun.

For one thing, different food and stronger coffee!  Today was a breakfast burrito and an iced latte, and since I don’t have an espresso machine at home, that’s kind of a treat…a much more caffeinated treat. 🙂

It’s just fun to have a change of scenery, too.  This coffeeshop has art hanging on the walls, different music than I usually listen to, and interesting people who come in – students, older people, people who look like they’re probably working or freelancing like me (and it’s fun to guess what other people might be doing on their laptops!).
It’s a simple thing, but it’s a change of routine, and that can be energizing sometimes.  I like occasionally doing something different to shake up the tedium, like walking to the corner in the morning to get coffee, or eating lunch on the patio instead of at my desk, or taking a spontaneous gym break to go swimming at the YMCA.  I’m sure there are some studies that back me up on this, that changes from routine jumpstart your brain…there have to be some out there somewhere…
Now you tell me: what do you do to change things up?  What different places around your town do you go to for inspiration?