It’s been hard to be productive this week…I blame the heat, at least in part.  Sometimes in the afternoons it really is just too hot to do anything but lie around with a cold drink. 

Or a light lunch…today it was tlayuda on pita bread.

Plus I’ve been working during the day at my day job almost every day, and when I’m not, well, soccer.  Also have been besieged with car troubles this week, dentist appointments, and dogs going to the vet for shots…it seems like extra challenges always hit you when you’re already overloaded with stuff, doesn’t it?  Sigh.

But!  There is a little bit of new art news…

And that is that my goshdarned Etsy site is finally updated!  There are a LOT of stones up there now, so the odds are that if I’ve posted a picture of a stone on the blog, and you wanted to buy it, it’s available up there now.

Like letter magnets!  I’ve only made E, N, O, R, S, and T so far, but I take requests!
Pretty soon, I’ll have it set up so that you can order your pet portraits on there too.  Plus some other fun products, and maybe even some original paintings will be available on Etsy from time to time.  I’ve heard Etsy is a hard market for original art, though, so I’ll probably just post one or two and see how those fare.
Also this week…as mentioned before, I have a craft fair tomorrow night (this one).  At this point, preparing for these is somewhat routine…although I’m annoyed that I didn’t have time to finish a couple new things to bring to this fair.  I wasn’t able to get new greeting cards printed, and although I had wanted to debut painted stone pendants, I couldn’t find the right pendant bails at my go-to bead stores.  Bummer!  Although I did get some very cool chains and cords to put the pendants on…hopefully the pendants will be at the next craft fair and on Etsy as soon as I get all the components together.
The Gaslight does have a craft fair every Saturday…but it’s debatable whether I will be at the next one, because the play I am directing/acting in, Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, is opening in a couple weeks.  So although I will, theoretically, be available next Saturday, there will be SO much play prep going on that I might just be too swamped.  Then for the three weeks after that, I’ll be in the play on Saturday evenings, so this particular craft fair will be ruled out for that time.  So I might just cool it on the craft fair front until the play ends…for my own sanity. 😉 
Although it is a lucky problem to have, to be involved in TOO many creative projects, huh?  And you know what…I wouldn’t have it any other way.