Well, it’s been a big week around here, dudes…I got another craft fair lined up, possibly some gallery show time this summer, another cat portrait commission, and am just up to my eyeballs in DOING STUFF.  It’s fun stuff, though.  It’s a good thing I get so much sleep, otherwise I would never have the energy to do all the things I do. 😉

Except when these two menaces to society wake me up at 5 AM.  “Hi mom!  We need food right now!”  Cue cold dog nose in face.
Plus there are occasionally soccer games going on.  That makes it a little hard to be productive sometimes.  Heh.

The craft fair I’m doing is the Gaslight Craft Fair and Farmer’s Market.  The Gaslight Theatre is a hugely popular theatre in town, and they just opened a new show, so I’m hoping the crowds will be substantial.  I’ll be there on June 28th, from 6 – 9 PM (yay for summer hours…this means we don’t have to stand outside hawking our wares when it’s 108 degrees!).  However, they have a craft fair every week, so if it works out well I may become a regular fixture there.
Obligatory pic of stones. (The right two will be available at the Gaslight show!)
The gallery was one I found completely by accident.  I was dropping a book off at the library, and I happened to see a sign saying “Art Gallery” in the same shopping center the library is in.  So I investigated…and I’m glad I did, because I found the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild!  I had heard of them before, but I’d never even noticed this gallery.  Just goes to show you that it sometimes pays to explore parts of town you don’t usually go to, and it always pays to check out galleries and little shops, because you never know when your next opportunity will come from!
Evidently, during the summer they have the “Watch Our Walls” show, where every month during the summer, any artist, not just guild members, can exhibit there.  Artists can also rent print racks and sell their prints there on a month-by-month basis.  So now I know what I’m doing this summer!  They also have workshops and shows for members too, so I just might become a member.  It’s a really fun little gallery, and I’m glad I found it.
I finished another painting this past week too (it’ll be posted soon), have sketches of a couple more ready to be painted soon, and I prepped a bunch of river rocks for painting.  Haven’t gotten to make a lot of stones lately…there’s even a couple small stones that will probably become pendants, and these will all go to my Etsy store when they’re done.  So probably on today’s agenda will be an Etsy photo shoot if the light is good!  Yay, productivity.