I have an Etsy shop!

New stone for sale!  You know you want it.
 You know, it’s funny…if you look back through the archives of this blog, you can see another similar announcement about five years ago…but this time around Etsy is WAY more user-friendly and so I think it’ll be a lot more successful.  Since it won’t be so difficult to add new things, I predict that I’ll soon be adding tons more new things to the shop!
For instance, now you can COPY LISTINGS!  So I can just make one listing for, say, medium-sized painted stones, and copy it and put in different pictures each time, but the price, shipping profile, and the basic description of the item stays the same, instead of having to enter that stuff each time like how it used to be, which was really tedious.  Soooo much easier.
My shop still needs some work (a banner being the biggest thing right now…that and listings for other things I make), but at least I have one.  Time to order new business cards!