As I may have mentioned, I’ll be selling my work at Monterey Court here in Tucson this Saturday night…actually, I’m pretty sure I only mentioned it that one time, because ever since it’s been finalized I’ve been in major preparation mode.

A Pile O’Prints!  Plus on the left you can see a package I just shipped – a cat portrait off to Florida.

 I ended up making 17 large prints (like the ones above), 20 smaller prints, and six sets of greeting cards.  So Tuesday was Packaging-fest 2014!

Don’t these prints look so neat all wrapped up in their plastic sleeves?

And price-tagged, even!  It’s like a real store or something.

Now, a note about prints…if you’re having prints done to sell, it may take some experimentation.  I noticed after the first small batch of prints I ordered a couple months ago that my printer skews dark, so I lightened up my images before I sent them this big batch.  One image ended up being too light, and a couple were too dark still.  So when you’re having prints made, there will be a little trial and error, even (especially!) if it’s on your own printer at home.  You might have to change the color balance too (many printers skew blue/cyan).  It’s a process.

I had blank notecards made too…

Assorted dog notecards!  Surely you have an occasion to send someone a bowtied pug greeting card, don’t you?
The ribbon ties are from a discounted spool of ribbon from (where else?) Michael’s.  I kinda like them!  I could move on to more professional-looking clear bags like the prints, but I sorta like the homey look of the ribbon better.
I also made four new painted stones just today, of which there are no pictures yet.  But trust me when I say they’re really cool.  I know, I know, I need an Etsy store…after the show madness is over I will get one.
I have a couple final packing things to do tomorrow…I have to pick out a few originals to bring, figure out how many grid panels I need, start loading things into the car, etc. (Oh, and go to the bank and get change for a cash drawer!  Very important.) 
But it’s coming along.  I have a big crate of prints, cards, packaging, etc. all ready to go, and a big cookie tin full of magnets, and another plastic crate ready to be filled with stones.  So watch out, Tucson…you’re about to get artified.