It’s just a big week for this little ol’ art business all around…preparing for the show next week, and now, Society6 has informed me that my t-shirts are on sale!

I bought this one.  Is it not perfect to wear to yoga?  Or just on any day when you anticipate you’ll need a little extra bless-and-releasing?
It goes through Monday, and it’s $5 off any t-shirts (this style shown above, plus v-necks or tank tops).  So that lovely shirt shown above is only $19.  Plus shipping is FREE.  You don’t see that every day, folks.
Check out these possibilities…

Jungle dogs v-neck, $19

Just added this one to the shop yesterday…it’s also a cell phone case, pillow, mug, or clock, if that’s what you prefer.  
There’s kids’ shirts too…
Reginald kid shirt, $20…so not on sale right now, but it’s still cute, eh?
Yes, it’s Reginald on a pink kid’s shirt.  Perfection.  Now that I see this, I see that this is what Reginald was really made for. 😀

I got one of these too…
Bless and Release mug, $15

 Words of wisdom for your morning coffee.

I can see this in some cool retro-pop-art living room…

Lucy pillow, $20
Okay, I think you get the picture…really, I just like seeing my art in other formats, so this is kinda fun for me.  When my stuff comes, I’ll totally take pictures and post them obnoxiously…and you should too, if you get a t-shirt!  I’ll be designing new t-shirt specific designs too…I have great plans for my Society6 store.