by Paula Nizamas

So when I lived in Florida (many of my best stories begin this way), there was the most awesome restaurant just down the block from where I worked.  It was a sort of tapas/Spanish/Cuban place, they had amazing food and drinks (ever had champagne sangria?  I highly recommend it), they had a rooftop bar, it was the bomb.  Sadly, I am told it has gone the way of the dodo since I moved away, as have many of my old favorite places there.

Point being, though: in the bar area, they had some really cool paintings of flamenco dancers.

I’ve done some paintings of dancers, but I would like to do more…the poses and movement can be really fun to capture, and of course when you paint dancers there is (or should be) a built-in sense of movement, just because of the subject matter alone.

I keep meaning to make some cool flamenco dancer paintings, or any kind of dancers really…I should just do that this week.

But in the meantime, here’s some cool art of dancers that I like…

White Swan” by Leonid Afremov
With Deftness” by Richard Young
Midnight Tango” by Leonid Afremov
Rise Above” by Claudia Fuenzalida Johns
Dance Intense” by David Lloyd Glover

Most of these are from Fine Art America, the fine folks who run my print shop…honestly, that’s how I discover new artists most of the time.  You’ll have to click on the links to view the whole images and get the full effect, since FAA protects the images from being posted elsewhere, so I couldn’t post them on here…which I appreciate, because artists do have to worry about their stuff being ripped off, like it or not.

I also found this, while I was searching through my lists of artists that I follow on FAA…not a dancer, but just as much movement:

(the legendary) “Franz Beckenbauer” by Paul Meijering

Hmm…footie players would be fun to draw/paint too…maybe I’ll have a sketchbook handy next time I watch a game.