So!  Since I posted my last post about craft fair booths, I got what has proved to be the most difficult component to find: the elusive Not-Too-Big Grid Walls.  I did, indeed, buy a grid shelving unit like I talked about in my last post on this subject, and you know what?  It totally works.  With a couple s-hooks to hang art on the walls, I’m good to go!

But those aren’t much to look at, so here, check this out instead:

It’s a sign! (No, really, it is.)

I debated whether to get one of those wooden plaques from Michael’s for the sign, or put it on a canvas board…I went with the canvas board because it’s more lightweight and cheaper to get a big one.  For the base color of the sign, I decided on none other than the Pantone Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid:

They sell these tester paint pots at Lowe’s.  Handy, huh?
When they first announced that this was the color of the year, I wasn’t all that enthused, but it’s grown on me.  While it’s not a good color on me (if I was to wear this, I would probably appear to be dying of jaundice), it’s a very lively, attention-getting color, and it actually matches pretty well with some of the colors on the Maxfield and Madison website and some of the fliers and handouts I’ve designed for the company.  So I like it.

And doesn’t Radiant Orchid look good with the Naples Yellow lettering?  I think so.  Naples Yellow is my personal color of the year, basically every year.  This paint is in just about all of my paintings, seriously.  I could do a whole post dedicated to Naples Yellow…
So this will hang somewhere in my booth, not sure where yet…and there will be two tables, with the grid panels on top of each table, and paintings hanging on the grids.  I like this better than having a freestanding grid wall, because this way in order to look at the paintings people will have to come over to my table, and the table will have all sorts of other good stuff on it, like this!
I went to Michael’s just a couple days after Easter, so they had all kinds of Easter decor for super cheap.  These dishes were less than a dollar, simply because they happened to be shaped like eggs.  But it’s something that I can put on my booth, to hold painted stones (or magnets, which I’m going to be making soon too), and it doesn’t look like Easter, you know?  So no one would guess that I got these on a holiday clearance sale.  Except everyone who reads this blog. 😛
The other thing that’s fun (for me) is going to be table coverings.  For this first show, you’re required to have black tablecloths that go all the way to the ground, on all your tables, but that doesn’t mean you can’t jazz up the tables with other, more colorful cloths over it…
Cute, huh?  It’s actually a scarf I had lying around, which I thought would go well with the colors in the booth, without pulling too much focus.  I might get another for the second table, or maybe not…you could use cheap table runners, or even remnants from the fabric store in a color or pattern you like.  I have enough fabric lying around…maybe I’ll just make my own table runner.  I want the art to be the focus, though.
So…what will the finished booth look like?  That’s a story for another post, my friends.  You may have to wait until this weekend to find out…