This is an unusual sight around here…brace yourselves, you aren’t going to see it again for a while…

It’s a clean desk!  AAAAAAHHHHH, RUN AWAY!
…okay, so just mostly clean.  This is about as good as it gets in my studio, however.  And how did it get this way?

Procrastination.  Of course. 😛 A few days ago, I was juggling a new painting, working on business stuff, theatre stuff (I’m directing my first Shakespeare play, and auditions are coming up soon…I’ll probably post more about that later).  Plus the ever-so-fun business of post-wedding name-changing…who knew I had my name on so many things that I would have to notify people about?  Sheesh.

Sometimes, when I’m worrying about all the stuff I have to do, having things untidy in my living space bugs me.  It doesn’t normally bug me (I’m not even going to bother showing pictures of my kitchen sink on here, or god forbid my fridge), just for some reason when my life and schedule feel cluttered, having actual physical clutter is even more annoying.  
And at my desk, there were tons of tubes of paint, brushes everywhere, and crumpled paper towels with smears of paint, left over from last week’s painting.  Plus a huge pile of all the CDs I’d been listening to for, probably, the last six months. (This doesn’t happen at my desk at work, somehow.  I manage to contain the chaos because I know that people other than me and my husband will see it. :P)
No, there is no “before” picture.  Nobody needs to see that.

Here’s the “after,” though!  I thought this might be at least a little interesting to folks, to see the weird assortment of things I have on my desk…a fun birthday card my mom gave me, a thank-you card from my awesome nephew (that’s the card in the papier-mache hand on the right), the painted wooden box from Ecuador that I store my paintbrushes in, the blue ceramic dish I made that’s currently home to my painted stones (there will be a post on that particular project later), my external hard drive, my fake plant (I had a real succulent in here, but it kept dropping dirt and leaves all over the desk and attracting bugs), and of course my laptop with its Idaho sticker.

Of course, this phase was short-lived, and since I’ve been working on another painting, my paintbrushes have started to creep across the desk again, but that’s to be expected.  I’ll at least try to maintain some level of tidiness around here, but it’s hard when there are constantly projects jumping on and off my desk!  Ahh, the life of an artist.

Not sure whether this is an argument for or against me getting my own away-from-home studio.  That way, at least my tax paperwork and other random papers won’t get strewn across my art space and possibly accidentally get painted on…but then, if I got a studio with other artists, I would be inflicting the mess on other people.  Hmm…it’s a dilemma.

I think it just means I need a bigger desk.