Well, not only is the website for Maxfield and Madison Pet Portraiture live, but now we have a Facebook page!
I think 20 likes for its first three days isn’t too bad…and it’s not all just my Facebook friends, either!

AND…not only THAT, but ALSO…I joined Twitter. [dun dun DUNNNNNN!]
Actually, prior to my current job (where I manage all the company’s social media, among many other things), I had never really explored Twitter at all.  I was planning on just plodding along as if it was still 2005 and never getting one, but actually…I kinda like it.  I’m following several other art-related accounts, some local organizations, and the requisite celebrity or two (because you can’t not follow Neil Patrick Harris…I think they actually kick you off Twitter if you don’t).  I’m trying to follow mostly people who will post relevant things to me, so I actually find Twitter fairly entertaining so far…I have a feeling it will be very habit-forming and will eat the rest of my spare time, what little I have.

I actually really love social media marketing.  Is that weird?  I do, though!  This will be the fourth company I’ve represented on Facebook, and I love figuring out the company’s social media “voice,” sifting through posts to determine which ones are relevant to the company and which ones will generate the most response from our followers (hint: cute animal pictures are always a winner.  Always.) and actually having a conversation with our fans.  Isn’t it cool that you can do that?  Technology!
It’s like the company becomes its own separate entity, almost, like it’s its own person with likes and dislikes, a history, a personality…I mean, without veering too far into Mitt Romney’s corporations-are-people territory (ooh, I just got political!), it’s kinda cool to watch these things develop, and to shape the company’s online presence according to our visions and goals.  It’s like an ongoing art project, in a way!  Marketing really is its own separate art form.
So, yeah.  Having way too much fun with this.  Follow me on Twitter, everyone!  I may even retweet you!…once I figure out how to.