Good day today…I have the day off from my regular job (although I will have to work tomorrow…I get weird hours some weeks), so I’ve been able to get some things done that I wouldn’t otherwise have had time for.  I went to the gym, I did some laundry and mundane house stuff, I’m watching a soccer game…and I finished the ink work for my next watercolor piece, and the color studies are underway too.  I may even get really crazy and start painting it today, who knows?

No, I will not post the color studies, because they look a mess, because…they’re studies. 😛 Maybe I’ll do it someday, in another blog post (and it might be interesting to some people to see the whole process), but this is not that post.  I will, however, post a picture of my lunch.

Salami and pepperoncini on crackers: lunch of champions?  I think so.

I also gotta say this: man, I love Arizona.  Not to brag or make people who live in colder climes feel bad or anything (well, okay…maybe to brag a little bit), but it’s just unfair to everyone else that our weather is so much better this time of year.  It’s still chilly, but we’re not buried under snow like everyone else…I don’t even have the heat on in the studio today!  It’s starting to almost feel like spring.  I wish I could take a picture to demonstrate, but I really can’t because it doesn’t even look like spring, it just smells like spring today.  You’ll just have to take my word for it.