My studio(/computer room/music room/fiancé’s video editing studio) is in this little guest house behind my main house…well, guest shack, really. Looks like this:
Yeah, the light is not great this time of day…but you can still play Find the Corgi in this photo!
Well, now the studio has this nifty accessory…
It’s a sign!  Literally. :p I spent lots of time designing the sign, figuring out fonts and colors (the studio walls inside are green, it seemed a good choice), and a few days ago I finally put a coat of sealant on it (sealant was left over from another project, which maybe I will post later) and today I hung it up!  I will probably get a certain B52s song in my head every time I come out here for a while…and I’m okay with that.
As to what kind of art is currently inhabiting the shack…here’s a sneak preview of a painting I’m about to finish today: 
Pug Shack, baby!