So I was at an arts festival a few weeks ago (manning a booth for the company I work for, not for myself…although some day maybe I’ll pull enough of my art and prints together to have my own booth!).  I was having a customer sign off on a purchase she had made with my iPhone’s credit card reader.

And I noticed that my phone was, actually, quite unsightly.  I’ve had an Otter case on it for a year and a half, and after dropping it repeatedly, getting beach sand and desert grit in it, and popping the case off a couple times to clean it out, it got sort of…frayed.  The rubber bit was fitting loosely and pieces of it had come off, it was not a nice-looking case anymore like when I first got it.  I felt weird about handing this gnarly phone to a customer who had just dropped $200 at our booth.  I imagine it was not confidence-inspiring to her.

Point being, I really need a new phone case.

Fortunately, the print service I use,, will make prints out of my artwork!  And for less than my Otter case cost, too!  Of course, I’ll still have to get a screen protector for it, but still: pretty phone case!  Yes!

I predict that seahorses are the new birds.  You’ll be seeing them “put a seahorse on it” on Portlandia soon, just watch.
Much better.
I think this one would make a good case too.  How about this oneThis one would just be weird, though.