Hi!  Miss me? (sound of crickets chirping)

So, seeing as I’ve had a lot of art-related things going on over the past year (two exhibitions, launching a print shop and making several sales, and starting to inch my way into the pet portrait industry), I thought it might be prudent to restart my art blog.  Well, that, and I kinda just missed having a place to ramble on about art and related things.

Here’s something I’ve been doing lately: playing with this app called Brushes on my iPhone!

It’s a pink corgi.  Why?  Why not?  There never has to be a reason to draw pink corgis.

It’s really gratifying, not only to be able to create tiny phone paintings, but the Brushes app also shows you a little video of your progress on the painting.  I’m trying to figure out how to import those, because they’re really fascinating…and I like seeing videos of other artists’ painting process, like the ones Jorge Columbo does for the New Yorker’s Finger Painting blog (which is where I found out about Brushes).  It’s been a fun way to get the daily sketching in, even without carrying a sketchbook…ahh, iPhone, what can’t you do?