You know what I realize, when I look around my apartment, is a recurring theme? Trees. In my art, too – all you have to do is look at my portfolio to see that, there are trees everywhere – but also, when I moved and started putting stuff up in my new place, I realized that I have a lot of tree-themed decor. It’s not even on purpose, either! I don’t collect trees, I just…happen to acquire them.

Maybe it’s because green has always been my favorite color. But in this most recent piece I did, there’s hardly any green at all. Mostly I think it’s just because tree branches always seem compositionally sound. I find it hard to make a bad composition out of trees. And it’s fun to, when painting trees, also paint little hidden things in the branches. (Gold star for you if you found the bird in the above painting!) Really, I could probably go a long time only painting trees, and it’d take me a while to get sick of it.

Well, okay, trees and Art Nouveau borders. And monkeys. And pieces of fruit. Okay, so I probably couldn’t paint solely trees forever. But I could do it for a pretty long time!

(Website will be updated posthaste, by the way, as well as other developments.)